#WeirdthingsAmericansdo was trending on Twitter and we demand answers


Much as we love their film industry and laughable attempts at a soccer franchise, there’s no denying our transatlantic cousins over in the US can be slightly weird at times. We didn’t need to sit through three seasons of Louis Theroux documentaries to confirm that.

But now thanks to a hashtag #WeirdThingsAmericansDo, sparked in response to a 16-year-old US Twitter user who listed ‘all the weird things British people do’ – you know, like using the correct and proper spelling (‘why do y’all add unnecessary ‘u’s to words like honour and favourite) and words of affection that aren’t dude (citing our ‘excessive use of lad and mate’) – we can finally see how vast the differences between our nations really are.

Anglo-American relations haven’t been this bad since the days of the Red Coats. No, not Butlins – that’s a strange thing we do.

Have a read of the funniest below.