People have been sharing stories about the weirdest people they’ve ever met and it's wild

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Everyone has a story of that one weird person they once encountered, but these take things to a new level

Everyone has encountered at least one extremely weird person in their life. If you think you haven’t then that weird person must be you.

We’re not always talking those who identify themselves as odd from the get-go through believing outrageous conspiracy theories or shining light into their ears to give themselves energy. Sometimes it’s a more mundane level of strangeness at play.

So, when people were invited to share their own accounts of people who fit this description, they really went for it.

It’s your classic example of a simple Twitter question being all that we needed to get a rich tapestry of answers, so we’d like to thank Fiona Hyde for setting the ball rolling.

Of course, this may have been sparked by her own example…

A lot of the stories followed a familiar pattern, where you think you’ve already heard the weird part and then there’s somehow more.

I mean…

There are others, though, where we’re genuinely in awe.

There were still some conspiracy theorists thrown into the mix, of course, because it would be hard to omit someone like this.

Some of them just leave us with more questions.

A lot more questions…

Like, so many questions.

All in all, though, some were almost endearing.

We’ll be thinking about these people for a very long time.

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