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We have some bad news for Leave voters

What is it now?

We have some bad news for Leave voters
30 June 2016

Barely a week since Brexit and what have we learned? 

Well...the country’s credit rating has plummeted, as has the value of the sterling, there have been a spate of racist incidents seemingly related to the decision, Scotland’s move for independence has sped up exponentially, and there are already fears over a return to the troubles in Northern Ireland. All in all, not so great, Britain.

And now it gets worse, much worse, with news that the Leave group may have wildly misled voters over immigration control, one of their key policies during the fraught campaign.

Speaking at the European Council, President Donald Tusk has said the UK cannot pick and choose its migration policy, claiming that if it wants to retain access to the single market once it formally leaves the coalition - which it will do on risk of economic implosion – it has to keep the free movement of people it already has.

Having long played on public fears of overpopulation, a lack of social cohesion and jobs not going to those born here (lest we forget those racist bus ads), it’s a damning verdict for Leave politicians, including Nigel Farage, who’s already admitted the NHS figures were a lie, and more aptly Daniel Hannan, who himself recently backtracked over thoughts on realistic migration control.

“But Germany wants us to buy our cars”, you probably heard in a speech from one of these grandstanders, overestimating Britain’s own importance on the European stage. Well it’s very likely Germany, as with many other countries keen to make an example of the UK for leaving Brussels, will keep us waiting for as long as they want. And who can blame them?

In the meantime, we can have our cake and eat it, it seems - we just won’t be able to buy or sell our cake with anyone who’s not on this insular island.

[Via: BBC]