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"We are going to war" says UK Cabinet Minister

"We are going to war" says UK Cabinet Minister

"We are going to war" says UK Cabinet Minister

War. What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing if you take the word of seventies Motown artist Edwin Starr. 

But then he never had to ruminate over air strikes on ISIS and the protection of liberty in the western world, did he?

Well we've some news for you: one UK Cabinet Minister, quoted by The Daily Telegraph, has just claimed that “we are going to war”, while a poll in The Daily Mail has suggested that the majority of the British public would approve such an action.

The ComRes survey found roughly 60 per cent of the general public were in favour of sending British ground troops to attack ISIS, so long as they were part of an international group, while 50 per cent of people said they supported sending British soldiers over to weed out ISIS alone.

The safe betting would be on an international peacekeeping force: Russia and the US are already talking about joining forces, while British forces aren’t exactly at the peak of their powers numbers or budget wise. 

Furthermore, with the recent attacks on Paris highlighting a growing domestic threat posed by ISIS, would a stretched British military force be able to successfully fight fires on two fronts? And given Tony Blair has even admitted that the invasion of Iraq subsequently fuelled the rise of ISIS, how can we be sure that another invasion in the Middle East won’t see even more wannabe Jihadists spring up, solidifying the group even more and leading to more direct terror threats on these shores?

Whatever the answer, it’s clear that much like Parliament, we've still some big questions to ask. As it stands, the PM is still on course to win the Commons vote over a sanction for British air strikes on ISIS targets in Syria.

History repeating itself or a necessary move? Let us know your thoughts below.

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