Watch this McDonald's employee's perfect revenge on two idiot pranksters


Revenge is a dish best served in a ice-cold paper cup full of Coke. This is the lesson we learnt when a McDonald's employee got her own back on two horrible pranksters after they tried to scare her at her post.

The pair, known as Dynamic Duo TV (because there are, as yet, no laws about lying on your YouTube username), pulled up to the drive-thru and decided to beep their horn to scare the employee as she handed over their order. But it wasn't an ordinary car horn, they'd modified to to sound like a train. Smart. Cool. Original. Dynamic.

Thankfully they got everything that they deserved and more when, after she jumped (because obviously), the employee threw their drinks all over them, saying: "You're not getting your drink". 

Bonus points for her extremely sassy window slam. Reminder for all YouTube pranksters: don't. Okay?