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Watch Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in trailer for Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk'

The One Direction looks the part here

Watch Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in trailer for Christopher Nolan's 'Dunkirk'
14 December 2016

The new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s hotly-anticipated World War II thriller Dunkirk has landed, and it looks as stunning as you’d expect.

Nolan has assembled an illustrious supporting cast that includes Peaky Blinder mates Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, the legendary Kenneth Branagh, while Fionn Whitehead makes his debut as the lead in Nolan’s tenth feature, set to hit our screens big time during early summer.

Though perhaps boldest of all is Nolan’s casting of ex-1D heart-throb Harry Styles, appearing in his first feature film as a young soldier who is tested to the very limits of human survival. In one shot in the trailer, we see Styles, pale-faced and missing his famous curls, watching on helplessly as his comrades panic wildly, and in another, attempting not to drown after his vessel capsizes.

Nolan, who has directed some of the 21st century’s most admired films in Inception and The Dark Knight Trilogy, has written, co-produced and directed Dunkirk and works again with his Interstellar cinematographer Hoyte van Hotema to shoot the film entirely in IMAX 65mm film and 65mm large-format photography. Distinguished composer Hans Zimmer will make it sound nice. Big names all over the place.

The latest poster for Christopher Nolan's tenth film, and the pamphlet they drop in the trailer above

The film will tell the true story of Operation Dynamo and opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces in Normandy. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. 

Dunkirk is set to be released on 21 July in the UK, preceded by special showings in 35mm and 60mm IMAX