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Val Kilmer is being really weird about Cate Blanchett on Twitter

Chill out, mate

Val Kilmer is being really weird about Cate Blanchett on Twitter

Women, by now, are pretty used to weird middle aged men tweeting creepy shit at them. Day in, day out, the miserable engine grinds on: come collect your dad, mate, because he’s @ing every female cast member of Emmerdale and by the looks of it he’ll be onto Hollyoaks by 4pm.

Anyway, in this case, “your dad” is Top Gun and Batman star Val Kilmer, who is being really weird about Cate Blanchett. Kilmer starred with Blanchett in The Missing 14 years ago, and apparently had a nice time or whatever – but 14 years is quite a long time really, isn’t it. Probably too many years ago to be tweeting about how beautiful someone is, or admitting to literally flying to Australia to see someone who presumably had not agreed to see you.

“Once I flew all the way to Australia just to talk to Cate Blanchett. Her husband met me first. Or instead, I guess, to be accurate,” he tweeted.

He’s also been dreaming about her.

Val then posted a close-up image of her face with the caption “I mean even if she couldn’t act you know what I mean?”, which kind of destroys his “I just respect her work” argument.

Weirder still, Kilmer also claimed he took a cameo role in a film “just to hang with Cate Blanchett”, who was picking up a shovel in the scene. He was apparently “so dazzled by HOW she picked it up” he promptly forgot his line. So there we go: even garden tools are no longer safe from the roving eye of creepy dudes.

After quite a lot of (pretty valid) criticism, he’s now claimed that he has nothing but “respect and admiration” for Blanchett.

Someone, anyone: please change his password. Please.