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This smart-ass Uber Eats driver is the internet's new favourite person

He's got some serious sass

This smart-ass Uber Eats driver is the internet's new favourite person

A text exchange between a hungry woman and a sassy Uber Eats driver is going viral, thanks to his ‘smart ass’ response to her very simple question.

Alisha Jennings-Oluwosuko is a 20-year-old student at the University of Michigan who has been back home visiting a family member at the John Hopkins Hospital in Maryland.

On Monday evening, she decided to remain at the hospital to eat, so fired up Uber Eats and ordered herself a good old burg – well done, with avocado and an egg ‘fried hard’ – and some salt and pepper fries. A solid dinner – not sure about the ‘well done’ part, but you do you, Alisha.

Alisha's order

Anyway, back to the story. Alisha had been so busy at the hospital that she’d totally forgotten about the food by the time it arrived, so when she got a missed call from an unknown number, she text it asking who it was.

The driver responded saying her order was here, so Alisha asked him whether he was at the main entrance to the hospital – a reasonable question, given most hospitals are pretty large and have multiple ways in.

The driver’s response was… more than a little sassy.

“No I’m on top of the building I just landed my helicopter,” he told her, before adding, “Yes I’m at the main entrance”.

While this is definitely a very smart-ass reply, it’s also, to be fair, pretty funny – the driver was clearly joking around rather than deliberately trying to be rude.

Alisha agreed. She told BuzzFeed: "[John Hopkins] is a massive hospital — there are a million different entrances and branches — so that’s not an unexpected question to ask.

"He was being a smart-ass!" she added, and admitted she found it simultaneously quite funny and a bit rude.

When she went to meet the driver, she told BuzzFeed: "He goes, 'You saw what I said, I was just messing around… I come here all the time and I always come into the main entrance.'”

Alisha tweeted out screenshots of the text exchange and it’s gone extremely viral – her tweet so far has 109,000 retweets and more than 375,000 likes – as well as an overwhelming amount of responses.

Alisha’s said she had no idea her tweet would get so much attention, but her newfound viral fame hasn’t come without a price – it’s reignited an old debate with a friend who she apparently owes fried chicken to.

At first Uber’s support team seemed to majorly overreact to the incident. They tweeted Alisha saying: “That's definitely not ok. Please DM us the e-mail address linked to your account and we'll follow-up ASAP.”

But they since seem to have seen the funny side / realised they might be able to spin some good PR out of all this.

Ludicrous publicity stunt incoming...