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Two-year-old cycles three miles to visit gran

Blames lack of Sat Nav for not finding her

Two-year-old cycles three miles to visit gran

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round while we tell you the tale of Noel Joel, a three-year-old who not only has a brilliant rhyming name, but also has one of the boldest senses of adventure and biggest hearts we've ever heard about.

Digital Spy report that the fearless toddler became worried about his gran, while playing at his home in Hamelin, Germany.

Unable to shake his concerns he decided he needed to go and check on her. Alas, she was in a hospital miles away.

Unperturbed, Joel packed his favourite sweets and left the house, not telling his mum he was heading off. After noticing her son and his bike was gone, Joel's mum alerted the feds.

Incredibly he was stopped three miles from home when police received reports of a confused small child traversing the road over and over. The officer said: "He didn't really know the way to the hospital. But he blamed that on his bike for not being fitted with sat nav."

A family friend explained: "He is a very determined, confident little boy. He was worried about his grandmother and wanted to do something about it."

His gran's fine by the way. But when you get that feeling, you've just got to know.

Image: Rex

Via: Digital Spy