Two fans play Star Wars music outside John Williams' house - and the composer says hello


On the one hand, this is undeniably quite sweet: two kids, clearly a bit nerdy (hey, aren't we all) and clearly very musically-talented, decide to pay tribute to their hero - the don, the master of cinematic music, Mr John Williams - by heading to his house and playing the Star Wars theme, which he composed so brilliantly back in 1977, on their brass instruments.

On the other, well, it's undeniably a bit stalkerish: they searched out his home address, headed over to hound the guy in the place where he presumably just wants to be left alone to enjoy some peace and quiet, and played a piece of music that he is probably sick to death of hearing.

Fortunately for Michael Miller (flugelhorn) and Bryce Hayashi (trumpet), they received a warm welcome from Williams, who seemed very happy and pleased to see them, stepping outside his front door to greet the two of them.

A class move from a class man - let's just hope he doesn't regret his selfless move if it encourages thousands of other - likely less musically-proficient - copycats to descend on his home en mass in the future...