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Twitter user waits seven years to tell the perfect joke

Patience is a virtue

Twitter user waits seven years to tell the perfect joke

Commitment. That's what it takes if you're going to be the jokemeister general.

Making people laugh isn't always about the quick gag or the witty aside - sometimes you need to play the long game.

Which is exactly what Twitter user Marcus LePage has done, creating a simple, yet excellent joke via the medium of the social media network born for this sort of thing.

Back in 2009, he posted:

And six years and 350 days later: the punchline:

And in a sudden burst of activity, followed up with:

That's it. One account, nearly seven years, three tweets and now a whole bucketload of retweets and favourites. It must be the most successful profile on the whole of Twitter in terms of tweet to response ratio.

Of course, there have been similar slow burn jokes in the past:

And five years later:

Well done everyone, and Marcus - we'll see you in 2023.

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