This man really, really, really wants his bike back

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Ben Scott

We all make mistakes. We all forget to lock up our bikes sometimes. We are all Tim.

Tim from Stoke Newington, London forgot to lock up his bike the other night, and now he’s left these heart-wrenching posters scattered around so that he can get his bicycle back.

It was first posted to Reddit’s London forum yesterday. 

He’s also noted that he forgot to lock up his bike six months ago as well, so we’re not really sure why he forgot to do it this time. But then again, it did happen at 4am. Nothing good ever happens at 4am.

We’re quite big fans of “I saw you on the CCTV and you look like a pretty normal guy,” desperately appealing to the thief’s moral ambiguity, there. He’s also included the colour of the bike in the poster title, because there was no way in hell we would have guessed what shade it was from the picture attached.

The bloke’s so desperate to get the bike back, he’s ready to offer about five different currencies to you if you find it. Lord knows where he’s getting Yen and Korean Won from (yep, we looked that little W symbol up).

Come on, we’ve all done something like this, whether or not we got away with it.

We are all Tim.


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