Video of a man running barefoot on Lego on a treadmill is as excruciating as it sounds


It's not that we enjoy watching other people in pain. It's just, erm, we have very scientific minds. Yes. That's it. We're curious.

We're curious about what happens when a man runs on a constantly-replenished treadmill of Lego, and thankfully for us, we don't have to conduct this experiment ourselves.

The good people of WheresMyChallenge have created an eight-minute video showcasing just this - and yes, there is blood. 

"We thought it would be a great idea to take off our socks and go for a run on Lego," the YouTubers, who seem to have no idea what the definition of a "great idea" is, wrote under the video. 

"We are not the most sporty people in the world (Hence why Paul is Running in Jeans) but we thought it would be super fun (For You) to run on the treadmill as another member of WheresMyChallenge chucks Lego under our bare feet. Expect lots of screaming." 

And they're right. It is. Super Fun. For us. Enjoy the ordeal below.