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This vital tube map shows every station with a toilet

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This vital tube map shows every station with a toilet

Only a bladderless madman would travel around London train stations without at least 30p in their pocket. After all, there’s nothing worse than holding in a seismic pee for a whole commute, terrified that every jolt and nudge will lend some unwelcome racing stripes to your work trousers.

But the thing is, not every station has a toilet, which can lead to all sorts of stress when you’re desperate for an urgent number one or – panic stations – an inevitable, impending poop.

Luckily for you and the rest of whatever unlucky carriage you’re currently clenching and sweating in, Transport for London have designed a map detailing each and every toilet on the tube line.

A TfL spokesman said: “The Tube toilet map was introduced to help customers know exactly where toilets are located on our network – particularly disabled customers and customers with small children.”

It also shows accessible toilets for wheelchair users and which stations have baby changing facilities.

In terms of pot-stops, the Hammersmith and Circle line is desperately lagging behind the others, with only six facilities.

Check out the map below - and thank us when it averts potential disaster for you one day in the future.