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This train announcer has the best excuse in the history of ever

He went off the rails

This train announcer has the best excuse in the history of ever
29 July 2016

If you're unfortunate enough to get the train every morning, you'll know it's like playing a sadistic game of bingo in which you wait for one of seven prerecorded excuses to ruin your day.

"A passenger has been taken ill". "There are severe delays due to planned engineering works". "There is no driver" (that's one for Southern Rail sufferers).

Which is why passengers on a Haywards Heath to Farringdon train yesterday morning were thrilled when the driver broke from the script to deliver a refreshingly honest excuse. 

Matt Warren shared the hilariously honest excuse ("I'm very sorry, everyone. The last station was Elephant & Castle and I completely forgot to stop") with Twitter yesterday and has since racked up over 300 retweets. 

"It was packed and miserable as usual, but this brought a smile to everyone’s face, at least all the faces I could see," Matt said. 

"It was a welcome mood lifter on a truly risible commuter line. Hats off to a driver who told it like it was and was honest about what was actually going on for a change." 

Get that driver a pay rise, now.