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This shimmery raspberry gin changes colour with a mixer

Part magic trick, part long drink

This shimmery raspberry gin changes colour with a mixer
17 July 2019

We’re simple folk here at ShortList, and our main criteria when rating a gin is “does it taste nice?” That is quickly followed by “how much?” which can, for obvious reasons, make or break a drink.

But if you’re the kind of person who is primarily concerned about how well your drink of choice will transfer to makebelieve lifestyle shots on Instagram, then we’ve found the gin for you: Flagingo Electric Raspberry Gin liqueur from Manchester’s Zymurgorium.

Its main party trick – other than getting a laugh when you make your guest attempt to pronounce the company name – is that the shimmery blue colour turns to a pastel pink when a mixer is added.

We’ve not tried it ourselves, but it promises an “electric combination of blue and Scottish raspberries.” Mmm, blue. You might also know Zymurgorium if you’re a regular at Wetherspoons, where its Realm of the Unicorn Gin is served, bringing the childhood taste of marshmallows to the chain pub experience.

If you want to give Flagingo’s Electric Raspberry Gin a whirl, it’ll set you back a not unreasonable £19 per bottle. If you’d prefer something a bit more tried and tested, on the other hand, you’ll want to consult our list of the best gin, where you’ll find bottles ranging between £14 to £38.

Or get yourself down to Aldi or Lidl, which have both recently earned high praise from the judges at the Gin Masters competition. And the latter has its own colour-changing gin to sample, too...