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This Pokémon finder app is a game changer

Go on - give your battery the break it deserves

This Pokémon finder app is a game changer
27 July 2016

We like Pokémon GO. Like it to obsessive levels. Levels that threaten our data allowance and battery charge on a daily basis.

However, Niantic's fledgling augmented reality monster hunter has a great deal of room for improvement, with some users clearly growing impatient with the game's developers and building fixes for themselves. 

Take PokeDetector: an Android app (sorry Apple fans) that will search out Pokémon for you without you having to take your phone out of your pocket.

No more wandering the streets with your phone in a clammy grip just on the off chance that an Eevee should pop up. No more frustrated tuts when you realise your screen locked and shut the app down when you weren't looking. You just fire up PokeDetector, carry on your day as normal, and when a Pokémon comes within catching distance you'll receive a notification. How is this not already built into the game?!

Built using the Pokémon GO API (the digital brains and organs behind the app) PokeDetector also has a map feature that will show you the location of Pokémon over a much wider range than the Pokémon GO app, and informs you how long each critter will be hanging around before they shuffle off into the void. You can even set your own specific notifications if you're looking for a particular Pokémon. We might finally get that Pikachu...

Go on - give your battery the break it deserves. Download it here.