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This man wants to recreate 9/11 in a field to see if it was all a hoax

Let's settle those conspiracy theories

This man wants to recreate 9/11 in a field to see if it was all a hoax
17 May 2016

Ever since that fateful morning on 11 September 2001, conspiracy theories have been flying around the internet. Just Google it, watch one video and before you know it, you'll emerge after nine hours on YouTube utterly convinced that the whole thing was an inside job.

There are stupid brave people out there who won't accept the line they've been fed by the authorities. Brave people who want to discover the truth, and they're prepared to go to any lengths in order to find it.

Businessman Paul Salo is launching a campaign to raise $1.5m in order to "recreate" the 9/11 attacks in an empty field in Thailand. He plans to crash an aircraft travelling at 500 mph into a building that's due for demolition in a remote area and see what happens.

He writes: "We are like a Mythbusters for September 11th. It's an important project for many reasons. Many people doubt various details of 9-11. As the world has changed our trust in government and media has declined significantly. We want to see for ourselves. We don't need people to guide our thinking. In this project we will recreate 9-11 to the best of our ability given the funds raised. Our ultimate goal is a fully loaded 767 and a similar structure to the WTC. We will crash the fully loaded (with fuel) plane (complete with black box) into the building using autopilot at 500 mph... Everything that was in 9/11, we’re putting in this one. Passports, old passports, we’re going to put them around the airplane.”

For the record, Salo himself doesn't believe that the event was a "hoax". But he is going to be the one to prove it.

He believes, "that we probably will find out that it was a similar physics as what happened on 9/11, OK? I believe that actually 9/11, some guys flew airplanes in there. But at the same time, hey, I’m no dummy. Maybe it’s not true. I want to find out too. I want to fly that sucker in there. We’re going to find out exactly what happens when something goes 500 miles an hour into a building full of fuel."

He is also keen to point out that he is not looking to insult the memory of those who died that day.

"I have total respect for the firefighters and police that gave their lives on September 11th. And for the victims of that tragedy. I have no desire to downplay the heroism on that fateful day. We all have belief in the official line somewhere between black and white on each extreme. We are not a team of tin foil hats. Of truthers. We just want to see it. And, as I said, let what happens happen. Either way, you’ll be there either online or off and can participate on some level."

In his video, Salo believes he needs $300,000 to, ahem, get the thing off the ground, but his Indiegogo page (of course) has a target of $1.5m. He has been responding freely to commenters on YouTube, saying "If you are a structural engineer and would like to join the project, let me know. We're building a team of professionals now."

He also adds, "So far, the people contacting me are blowing my mind. Experts. Serious. Looking for answers and doers! Ready to act. Open minded. Looking for truth. Stretching their limits. Thats what we want. More of that! We want you, your expertise, your ideas, your knowledge, your questions and of course your monetary contributions to get this done."

You can donate at low levels, while $1,000 will get you a piece of the rubble, and $5,000 will get you a front row seat to watch the explosion.