This man’s 50 state mini golf US road trip will give you wanderlust


As American as Chuck Norris eating a cheeseburger while driving a monster truck around an NFL field, road trips have been a US rite of passage for as long as there’s been asphalt pasted across its vast, dusty land.

Some get their kicks on Route 66. Others find it looking for UFOs near Roswell. But we suspect there may soon be a sharp rise in the number of people doing as Dan Caprera has done and seeking out the greatest mini golf courses in some 50 states.

Currently in the middle of a mammoth two-month-long road trip, aiming to play his way through the most popular mini golf course in every state, Caprera’s been keeping the internet up to date on his Imgur, page, where his photographs have been giving us all wanderlust.

It certainly gives a new meaning to the phrase adventure golf. And, while we're on the subject, any UK visitors would do well remembering that Americans don't use the term 'crazy golf'. Say that and they'll just assume you are crazy. Or just have a strange Happy Gilmore-esque approach to the sport overall.

See the best of Dan's adventure so far below.

  • This man’s 50 state mini golf US road trip will give you wanderlust

    North Carolina, Thistle Dhu

    "The nation's first ever mini golf course! Created in 1916. I may have had to sneak into a private North Carolina luxury hotel to get there".