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This man claims he’s just proved that the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives

This man claims he’s just proved that the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives

This man claims he’s just proved that the Twin Towers were rigged with explosives

It’s been 15 years since 9/11 happened, but that hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from doggedly demanding "the truth".

The latest is this scholarly US chap, who tells us a Tower couldn’t possibly have gone down in freefall as the official reports say, because it had 95 storeys below supporting the 15 on fire above.

Coolly walking into shot (who's filming this, Charlie Sheen?) he begins by telling us he’s taking time out of his busy day - presumably one that involves building replica World Trade Centres out of cardboard before spray-painting them a metallic colour - "to try and put to rest one of the most moronic things I’ve seen on the news for the past 14 years".

Showing us his replicas, he points out that a flame-engulfed building with 90,000 tons of steel structure underneath can not reach the ground at the same time as one with no support at all, arguing that what we are actually seeing in the video footage following the collapse of the top 15 floors are waves of explosions, which as he puts it, "rips the building apart, pulverising nearly all the concrete to a fine powder and ejecting the steel 600ft in all directions.”

He goes on, adding that "the top 15 storeys couldn’t do that in a pancaking collapse, and they certainly couldn’t reach the ground anywhere nearly as quickly as this one, which has nothing but air below it."

As the only steel skyscraper in the world to have collapsed due to fire, and the sheer rate of speed it dropped on that fateful morning, World Trade Centre 7 is normally the biggest bone of contention for conspiracy theorists, arguing that its freak fall is proof the government was behind a series of floor-by-floor controlled demolitions - but according to this chap the proof the 'proof' is also visible with the Twin Towers themselves.

Sounding every bit like an infomercial host, his air of intellectualism offset with a nice suit tie and pair of spectacles, he also points out he isn’t pointing fingers at some cabal of shadowy Illuminati figures... right before finishing by telling disbelievers, "you’re argument is invalid, get over your cognitive dissonance, go find a shrink".

Have a watch below. Have we been lied to or is this guy one video away from a tinfoil hat?