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This machine stops avocados going brown

This machine stops avocados going brown

This machine stops avocados going brown

Outside of death, the worst fate that can befall a human being is buying some prime, ripe avocados and cracking into them to reveal brown, evil mulch. 

Until now, little has been done to stop this tragedy repeatedly playing out in our lives, but thankfully Naturo Technologies are here to help. They have invented the Natavo Zero, a machine (that unfortunately won't fit in your kitchen) that stops avocadoes going brown.

Jeff Hastings, an agricultural engineer and inventor of the machine explains that it works by "turning off" an enzyme in the fruit which causes it to turn brown when exposed to oxygen. He won't reveal the specifics because, you know, intellectual property is a thing. 

"It's one of those fruits that you buy and eat where you inherently suffer disappointment, because it's already gone brown or it goes to waste," he said, explaining his motivations for the project.

To use the machine, you (and let's face it, unless you're a millionaire it won't be you) have to slice your avos and place them on the conveyor belt, where they will be treated for 5-6 minutes. This leaves the avocados fresh for 10 days (10 days!) afterwards. 

Naturo are currently selling their models to industrial food companies, as their two current iterations process either 250kg or 500kg an hour. 

However, they said they aren't against adapting the technology for consumer use, so that's something. For now, just make sure to snap your avocado toast for Instagram before the corners start to turn. 

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