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This Is Why You Need More Sleep

This Is Why You Need More Sleep

This Is Why You Need More Sleep
28 October 2014

Seven hours sleep. That's all you need to dodge a catalogue of health problems and fatigue-related aliments. Less than a third of your day. Bed by 11:00, up at six, plenty of time to fit in just one more chapter of your book. Or that next episode on Netflix. Or maybe just one more level on that app. Wait, how is it 12:30? 

While we might take solace in the vain hope that we'll catch up on those lost hours with a lie-in come Saturday, the following infographic from (a URL that just rolls off the tongue) proves that sleep isn't something to be taken lying down.

From the ideal nap duration to the risks of sleeping less than six hours a night (particularly for the pilots amongst you), expect to book yourself an early night after the following read. 

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