This is what humans would look like if we'd evolved to survive car crashes


Why does he have so many nipples? We can get on board with Australian artist Patricia Piccinini creating 'Graham' - a visual representation of what humans would look like if we'd evolved to withstand car crashes - but why. so. many. nipples? 

Piccinini worked with a leading trauma surgeon and a car crash investigator to create Graham for the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) as part of their Toward Zero road safety campaign. 

In case you weren't sufficiently put off your Digestives, Graham is also fully interactive, meaning you can look beneath his skin using Google Tango's augmented reality service. Just like we knew you wanted to. 

"Cars have evolved a lot faster than humans and Graham helps us understand why we need to improve every aspect of our roads system to protect ourselves from our own mistakes," said TAC's chief executive officer Joe Calafiore. 

Which, actually, is the best reason we can think of to create an interactive potato man. Check out Graham in all his glory here.