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This is the coolest accessory you can buy for your iPhone

Much cooler than a phone case

This is the coolest accessory you can buy for your iPhone
07 July 2016

Ever taken a selfie and thought, "Dang, if only this could be more immersive". 

Probably not, right? Yet you're still going to want an Insta360 Nano - a panoramic camera attachment for your iPhone 6.

What is it?

The Insta360 Nano is a camera plugin for the iPhone 6/6S/Plus/Plus S that captures 360-degree videos and photos in 3K quality.

At 70g, it's tiny, with two small 210-degree lenses that use some clever software to stitch images together to create panoramic views.

How does it work?

Plugging the Nano in will automatically open up the accompanying app, flipping your screen to help capture images. 

A click of the shutter will take a panoramic photo, while a long press will record bursts of video. Check out an example here

You can then preview your footage in the app, panning around in your videos and photos before sharing them.

What can you do with the videos and photos?

Given that now both Facebook and YouTube support 360-degree videos (and images, in the case of Facebook), it's now really easy to share your Nano sessions with the wider world.

How much is it?

At £219, it's not a cheap iPhone accessory, but it is far cooler than another personalised phone case, right?

You also get a bunch of extras with it: the kit comes with a Google Cardboard headset, allowing you to show off the footage to anyone who gives in to your pestering. 

Happy 360-snapping.