This incredible music video lets you swap the actors in real time


In over 10,000 years of human civilisation, we as a species have been unable to come up with anything better to shield us from the rain than a bit of canvas on some wire. We look at umbrellas, objects so ineffectual that the slightest touch of wind turns them inside out, and think: "Cool. Done improving that. We're sorted." 

Thankfully we haven't been totally wasting the intellectual capacity we could have devoted to Super Umbrellas, as instead we've used our noggins to come up with mind-blowing music videos that allow the viewer to swap actors in and out IN REAL TIME. 

And when we say 'we', we mean the French musical duo Cassius. 

Cassius' new music video for The Missing, allows you - yes you - to click on an actor and swap them out for another. There are 20 different actors and over 100 possible combinations for you to try.

Not only is it insanely cool (teach us your witchcraft), Cassius claim there is an important message too.

"It's 2016 and there are so many crazy things happening in the world today," they wrote on their website. "Listening to 'The Missing' and watching the video makes us think about one thing that Pharoah Sanders understood and translated in a song better than anyone: 'Love is Everywhere,' 'Love Is In Us All.' We have to believe in this... For real." 

Check it out for yourself at