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This gadget will improve your sex life

This gadget will improve your sex life

This gadget will improve your sex life

Gaming apps - the preferred medium of millions of men for killing time.

Prodigious sexual performance - a skill that all blokes would happily add to their CV.

kGoal Boost - the gadget that promises to combine these two fields in one, saddle-like tool.

"How does it make a game out of improving my sexual performace?" you ask (we certainly did - annoyed we hadn't thought of it first). It's all about kegel exercises - the focused contraction of muscles along the pelvic floor that enhance control of your erections, in addition to the intensity, sensitivity and duration of orgasms. It also helps with bladder control, but that was a far less sexy headline.

You use the kGoal Boost by simply sitting on it (seriously, why didn't we think of this?). A connected app then determines if you're squeezing your pelvic floor in the correct manner via movement in your perineum. You don't have to get your kit off and risk another awkward HR meeting to use it, as it's able to detect movement through your clothes.

The app will then provide you with goals and targets (the gaming aspect), with reminders for five-minute exercises arriving throughout the day. As your strength improves, the app provides sterner challenges.

Yes, your office might find it weird if you tell them what that funny blue thing is in your chair. But you're gaining the pelvic strength of a rutting stallion, so what do you care?