This mum totally ruined her son with maybe the most brutally embarrassing punishment imaginable

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Paddy Maddison

When angry parents take revenge on their misbehaving kids there’s one method that remains more effective than any other.

Forget about grounding, confiscating mobile phones and cancelling Netflix subscriptions. All of these things pale into insignificance when compared to a public showing-up at the hands of a fuming parent or guardian.

A child’s embarrassment is a parent’s most fearsome weapon, only to be used in severe situations.

That’s exactly the weapon that one frustrated mother used on her son when he started taking the piss over a series of hilarious text messages.

The conversation starts out fairly innocently, with young Tralenn inquiring as to whether or not “hell” is a swear word, but quickly descends into any schoolkid’s worst nightmare.

With her use of capitals becoming more frequent (classic indicator of an angry parent), it’s clear that Tralenn’s mum isn’t on board with the joke.

Tralenn might seem amused by his mother’s red-faced anger, but he’s about to get a shock.

You see, it seems that Tralenn’s mum isn’t the kind of woman to do things in half measures and it’s not long before she wipes that smile clean off his smug face by turning up at his school’s front door.

...and then into one of the school corridors

...and finally into the classroom.

Mum 1-0 Tralenn.

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