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These retro NES games could earn you big money

Time to cash in on those NES cartridges you've been hiding away?

These retro NES games could earn you big money
18 July 2016

We had to check the calendar when Nintendo announced it was bringing back the NES. 

Assured it wasn't 1 April, our excitement levels reached concerning heights. A mini NES for £49.99?! Bargain. But how to raise funds for such an essential gaming purchase?

With demand for classic NES titles reaching new heights amongst collector circles, one sure fire route would be selling off your old NES cartridges: the experts of have seen the value of common titles like Mario Brothers 3 (£30), Zelda II (£50-£60), Castlevania (£60) and Metroid (£60) rise in recent months due to renewed interest in Nintendo's old collection. 

Should you have any of the below games gathering dust under your bed, you might want to consider cashing in on the current NES interest. That, or wait another 10 years and hope you can sell them to get a deposit for a second home? Your call...

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

Estimated price: £100

Gargoyle's Quest 2

Estimated price: £120

Duck Tales 2

Estimated price: £150

Little Ninja Brothers

Estimated price: £200

City Connection

Estimated price: £250

Championship Rally

Estimated price: £280

Chip 'n Dale 2

Estimated price: £295

Castlevania 3

Estimated price: £320

Phantom Air Mission

Estimated price: £400

Stadium Events

Estimated price: £600