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These Nintendo 64 games could earn you big money

Fingers crossed you didn't sell these at a carboot sale in 2001

These Nintendo 64 games could earn you big money
07 July 2016

No, you're not about to get £5,000 for your battered N64 copy of GoldenEye 007. You can get one for about £10 on eBay. 

However, as the experts of assure us, the value of your Nintendo cartridge collection might have grown substantially in recent years - with the most sought-after 40 titles shifting for big money - particularly if they're factory sealed. 

If you've got any of these ten titles kicking about in your parents' garage, you're going to want to dig them out...


Estimated price: £100

Aidyn Chronicles

Estimated price: £100


Estimated price: £100

Tom and Jerry

Estimated price: £100

Rush 2049

Estimated price: £120

Mario Party 3

Estimated price: £130

Paper Mario 64

Estimated price: £140

Conkers Bad Fur Day

Estimated price: £175

StarCraft 64

Estimated price: £450

Snowboard Kids 2

Estimated price: £2,000