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These European publications are pleading with the UK to remain in the EU

Europe adds its voice

These European publications are pleading with the UK to remain in the EU

Jeremy Clarkson is in. Sir Bob Geldof has mumbled his bit. Even David Beckham wants us to stay. 

As the EU referendum winds itself up for one final week of pleas, arguments and flag waving, it's not just assorted celebrities who are being wheeled out by each campaign group. Various European publications are now adding their own voices to the debate, hoping to sway the more widely read members of the British public.

Here are some of the thoughts of mainland Europe on the upcoming referendum. 

Absolute legends

German newspaper Bild is so keen for Great Britain to stay, they're promising to reserve sun loungers for Brits with their own towels, and admit that the 1966 Wembley goal really did cross the line.

The front cover of Sweden's financial newspaper Dagens Industri

Cover of Dutch paper Algemeen Dagblad

Germany's Der Spiegel magazine

Predictions of German paper Die Zeit

Should Great Britain leave the EU, says Die Zeit, it will be "flying blind". 

An advert from the Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in the UK's Daily Mail

Okay, so this isn't a European publication - but we figure Orban realised not many Daily Mail readers would be reading Hungarian newspapers.

The global edition of German business paper Handelsblatt

The German newchiefs clearly think we'd be fools for going it alone.