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7 Ridiculously Meta Foods That Are Basically 'The Inception' Of Snacks

7 Ridiculously Meta Foods That Are Basically 'The Inception' Of Snacks

7 Ridiculously Meta Foods That Are Basically 'The Inception' Of Snacks

In a fantasy world there's a show presented by Xzibit in which he takes people's favourite foodstuffs and literally stuffs them into one another to create even better meals.

Unfortunately, the show doesn't exist yet, but Oreo has done a pretty similar job for Oreo fans - releasing an Oreo flavoured like, well, more Oreo. In our fictitious Pimp My Snack show it'd probably go something like this:

With that in mind, here's a list of some of the most self-indulgent foods ever to have existed. Prepare to salivate...

Oreos within oreos

There have been creative flavours of Oreo in the past, but this one (literally) takes the biscuit. 

It's not like cookies & creme is that out-there as a flavour, it's just that most people regard 'cookies & creme' as a copyright-dodging way of saying 'Oreo flavour'.

That said, we're intrigued to know what these taste like. Oreos, we're guessing.

[Source: Twitter]

Pizzas upon pizza

Pizza is one of the world's most versatile foods, and has been topped with just about anything at one point or another.

Therefore, no-one should be surprised at this effort by Vinnie's Pizzeria in Williamsburg, who went the extra mile by topping their signature slices of pizza with tiny slices of pizza.

Extra credit for calling it 'Cheeseception'. If you know, you know.

[Source: Gothamist]

Cheese inside cheese

Although perhaps Vinnie's Pizzeria jumped the gun with 'Cheeseception' - the name would be much more suitable for this abomination.

Not comfortable with the solid inch of melted 'American' cheese already in their fried cheese sandwich, the culinary masterminds at Denny's decided to bury deep-fried mozarella sticks inside as well.

If obesity has a face, this is it.

[Source: Eater]

Chicken atop chicken

Ever sat trying to eat a chicken burger, only to find that all the pesky bread keeps getting in the way? Well, your prayers have been answered.

The KFC Double Down scraps the bun entirely in favour of more chicken, literally consisting of two huge pieces with bacon and cheese mashed in between.

It even comes in hot dog form.

[Source: Uproxx]

Burgers inside burgers

It looks like the twisted vision of a very greedy child, so it's no surprise that the 'Ulti-Meatum' was first invented on a Cartoon Network show.

The 10,000 calorie sandwich features an entire cheeseburger baked inside a meat patty, stuffed in between two other burgers.

You'll have to travel to Preston to get one - if you walk from Manchester you might even burn off the calories.

Apple stuffed with apple

One of the only items on this list that actually looks conquerable, this quirky variation on the apple pie features the apples being baked inside a bigger apple.

It looks a bit too healthy for us though. Dip it in batter and we'll be set.

[Source: Blogger]

A bird within a bird (within a bird within a bird... and so on)

If you've seen 2014's The Riot Club you'll be aware of how riled up you can get a posh person if you try to pass off a nine-bird roast as its ten-bird cousin.

This effort one-ups them both, mashing together an impressive twelve birds into one in an effort that would make even the most stoic Brit squeal with glee.

Because what's a roast without goose, chicken, pheasant, poussin, guinea fowl, partridge, pigeon, quail and three different types of duck? Edible, probably.

[Source: Heal Farm]