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The ShortListen: Silences/Keian (no. 347)

Mesmerising, Massive Attack style remix of Armagh band's track

The ShortListen: Silences/Keian (no. 347)
11 July 2016

Who? Silences, remixed by Keian

What’s the story? Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the YouTube and Soundcloud 'autoplay onto another video/song' feature is incredibly annoying, jarringly forcing a track that you don't care about into your ears. But every so often, it actually goes and works. One such example: this absolutely fantastic remix by a producer we'd not heard of before, of a band we'd not heard of before. Silences hail from Armagh; an up-and-coming band whose original version of this song is already fairly excellent. However, in the hands of Dublin producer Keian, it's transformed into a beautiful, unsettling, and deeply moving claustrophic trip hop track, with Conchúr White's fragile, Damien Rice-esque vocals the perfect whispered vocal style to perfectly match the new backing. When the arpeggiators kick in near the end you'll do well to stop the tears flowing. Fantastic stuff.

For fans of: Massive Attack, Sigur Ros, Damien Rice

In three words: Beautiful trippy reworking

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