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The ShortListen - November 2013

The ShortListen - November 2013

The ShortListen - November 2013

Every day we'll search the globe to find the most interesting new track to give to your ears. Exclusives, remixes, hidden gem album tracks, long-awaited returns and brand new buzz tracks hot and fresh out the kitchen: you'll find them all here.

Listen to all of them as they become available, on this Spotify Playlist

November 29th

Who is it?Dornik

What's the story? Dornik is a talented fellow. During a stint as Jessie Ware's drummer, we saw him share a fantastic vocal duet up front during a Ware gig on Valentine which made it very clear that he was rather wasted sitting at the back of the stage. And so, his own material has started to emerge, beginning with the fantastic Something About You and now nicely followed up with this track. Smooth, soft, sweet and soulful, this is a luxurious record. We're expecting great things in the future.

For fans of: Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, The-Dream

In Three Words: Silky, Soothing R&B

November 28th

Who is it?Middle Class Rut

What's the story? The Sacramento duo of Zack Lopez and Sean Stockham burst onto the scene in 2008 with the incendiary Busy Bein' Born - for our money, one of the greatest rock songs of the last ten years - and have built up a formidable reputation on record and as a live act since then. Second record Pick Up Your Head carries on the good work, and this brand new video for album highlight Dead Eye, filmed in Alaska, captures the widescreen sound of the track perfectly. Listen to this, then ensure you go and see them on their forthcoming UK dates in December - you won't be disappointed.

For fans of: Jane's Addiction, Rage Against the Machine, Refused

In Three Words: Breathless Rock (and) Roll

November 27th

Who is it?SALM (featuring Dan Black), remixed by Japanese Popstars

What's the story? Today's ShortListen features a coming together of three great artists for a big brooding electronic feast - and we have the exclusive premiere of it for you. First up, SALM are rising stars of the French house scene and regulars on the fashion circuit (naturalment) - this is the second single from their forthcoming new album, due next year. Dan Black is a prominent alt-pop artist and has collaborated with all kinds of people, from Kelis to Bag Raiders; and on the remix are Irish electro punks Japanese Popstars (not Japanese) who've been tearing up dancefloors over the past few years. all that? Now turn it up loud and have a listen (and buy here).

For fans of: Idjut Boys, Dmitri From Paris, British Electric Foundation

In Three Words: Deep. dark (and) dense

November 26th

Who is it?Mereki

What's the story? Australian-born but LA-based singer Mereki is currently unsigned, but we can't imagine that staying the case for too long, as this self-released debut single, accompanied by this just-released video, showcasing her brand of what we can only describe as weird pop. Melancholic vocals, a big bass synth of doom, giant percussion breaks and a truly amazing guitar solo at the end are all here - and the whole thing comes together brilliantly.

For fans of: Robyn, Cyndi Lauper, M83

In Three Words Strange-but-good leftfield pop

November 25th

Who is it?Eliza And The Bear

What's the story? London five-piece E&TB already have an unlikely celebrity fan in Hayley from Paramore, who invited them to support her band on their last UK tour - but musically it's a world away, treading closer to Mumford and Noah & The Whale territory whilst managing to not be overly twee. It Gets Cold is their new single, unveiled a couple of days ago, with previous single Friends well worth checking out too. The massed vocals and chamber-pop arrangements are present and correct but, don't worry, there's no banjos here. Instead there's an endearing honesty, likeability and a welcome slice of Two Door-esque guitar work - these guys could be big.

For fans of: Noah & The Whale, Two Door Cinema Club, Of Monsters and Men

In Three Words: Big Big Singalongability

November 22nd

Who is it?Bright Light Bright Light

What's the story? Bright Light Bright Light, aka Welshman Rod Thomas, has been growing a fanbase on the back of critical acclaim since releasing his debut record Make Me Believe In Hope last year. Now, following time spent in the US, comes a brand new video - the introspective In Your Care (released on Monday). It's not bombastic, but rather quietly moving - put this on your iPod and go for a walk on a cold November night. Magical.

For fans of: Pet Shop Boys, Hurts, Robyn

In Three Words: Thoughtful and Elegant

November 21st

Who is it?Glitches

What's the story? A three-piece from Whitechapel in London - but don't worry, they sound nothing like Pete Doherty. RGB, their second single, is a groovy beast that digs into your ears and won't let you go. Rather excitingly, if you fancy going to see them live, they're playing three single release parties in a World War 2 bunker.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, Foals

In Three Words: Slinky, sumptuous sonics

November 20th

Who is it?Francis And The Lights

What's the story? It is probably no exaggeration to say that the eponymous Francis (and his Lights) - full, amazing, name Francis Farewell Starlite - is some kind of genius. In a parallel world he'd be as big as Prince, but these are unfair times we live in. Notoriously unpredictable, he was responsible for one of the most beautiful songs ever written in I'll Never Forget You - later covered by young star Birdy - and he re-emerges with this excellent new track, complete with a characteristically strange video. The EP is out next week, and we'd advise you to invest.

For fans of: Peter Gabriel, Prince, Janelle Monae

In Three Words: Strange and Beautiful

November 19th

Who is it?Subshine

What’s the story? Norwegian pop act Lorraine were one of the great ‘lost’ acts of the last ten years – emerging fully-formed with enormous songs, but about three years before the world was ready for them (The Pigeon Detectives et al were still ruling the roost at this point). Now comes this new project from frontman Ole Gundersen and, in a post-Hurts musical landscape, this time it could really fly. Dark, epic and featuring some amazing orchestra hits, this is everything you want Scandinavian synth pop to be.

For fans of: Hurts, Depeche Mode, The Beloved

In Three Words: Big Doom Pop

November 18th

Who is it?Au Revoir Simone, remixed by Jack Savidge

What's the story? New York electronic trio Au Revoir Simone have been gaining the nods of critics and fellow musicians since forming 10 years ago. They released their 4th album, Move In Spectrums through cult label Moshi Moshi in September after a four year absence and it did the business once again. Now, we have an exclusive mix of the track Crazy by Jack Savidge of Friendly Fires - available to hear only on The ShortListen. It's a pulsating groove thang reminiscent of many of his band's finest moments. Have a listen and pretend it's a Friday night.

For fans of: Frankie Knuckles, Björk, Friendly Fires

In Three Words: Sassy Slinky House

November 15th

Who is it?Saint Raymond

What's the story? Callum Burrows, aka Saint Raymond, is an 18-year-old from Nottingham, who received rave reviews with his first release, the utterly superb Escapade EP. Now comes this brand new track, released onto Soundcloud last night, which continues the good work. He's been (lazily) compared to Jake Bugg, but his voice is smoother and more nuanced, while the songwriting and production is far more widescreen. He is the best new guitar-based artist we've heard in a long time, so get listening.

For fans of: The 1975, Foals, First album MGMT

In Three Words: Top New Talent

November 14th

Who is it?Jordan Bratton

What's the story? We don't know a lot about Jordan, other than he is 18 years old, he's from New York, and he appears to be prodigiously talented. His latest track Danger 3 - co-written and produced by Bratton himself - is a remarkably mature piece of work: laid-back, but not too minimal and with some seriously soulful vocals; it's not too high a praise to suggest that this is the sort of thing Michael Jackson would have been doing if he'd been born in 1995. No pressure on your next move then Jordan...

For fans of: Frank Ocean, FKA Twigs, MJ

In Three Words: Young and Talented

November 13th

Who is it?The Swiss

What's the story? Aussie dance act The Swiss return with their second release on none-more-cool Parisian label Kitsuné - and we present its online premiere here on The ShortListen. Kiss To Kiss is a gorgeous slab of 21st century dream disco - co-written and produced by the man responsible for Empire of the Sun's best moments, Donnie Sloan - with Donna Summer-esque vocals courtesy of Roxane Ashley Aiston. Backed by a series of great mixes (Breakbot in particular), expect to hear this on indie dancefloors across the land very soon.

For fans of: Aeroplane, Kylie, Bag Raiders

In Three Words: We Feel Love

November 12th

Who is it?San Fermin

What's the story? Having recently completed their first UK tour to rave reviews, San Fermin - the brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone - have just dropped this new video for Daedalus. A beguiling combination of chamber-pop and classical composition, this track also has overtones of Automatic For The People-era REM. Their self-titled debut album came out yesterday and we thoroughly recommend you give it a go.

For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Dirty Projectors, The National

In Three Words: Graceful, Elegant, Heartfelt

November 11th

Who is it?BROODS

What's the story? Yes, it's another boy-girl electronic duo, but in the wake of Lorde's massive success, this is one you need to know about. It's a brother/sister pairing - Georgia and Caleb Nott - they're from New Zealand too, and this, their debut offering, is produced by Lorde-collaborator Joel Little. It's a sumptuous track with floaty vocals underpinned by some pumping, side-chained Breakage-esque backing and it's very impressive indeed.

For fans of: Ellie Goulding, Chvrches, Purity Ring

In Three Words: New Zealand Takeover

November 8th

Who Is It?Iyes

What's the Story? First release on the brand new singles label Duly Noted is this enchanting release from Brighton-based indie-electro duo Iyes - formed of producer/singer Josh Christopher and Czech singer Melis Soyaslanova. The latter gives a smooth-as-silk vocal with just enough presence to make the track work. This is a classy start.

For fans of: AlunaGeorge, Kate Bush, The Knife

In Three Words: Sleek Dream Pop

November 7th

Who is it?Isaiah Rashad featuring SZA

What's the story? Two new artists from Top Dawg Entertainment - home to Kendrick Lamar amongst others - team up for this new track, which emerged this week. Produced by The Acolyte, it's laid-back to the point of horizontal, but gives both Rashad and Sza (pronounced 'Sizza', so we're told) - the first R&B signing to the label - the space to show what they can do; the former with a relaxed but sharp flow and the latter with some seriously breathy vocals. Watch out for both in the coming months.

For fans of: Kendrick Lamar, Tribe Called Quest, Jessie Ware, Cassie

In Three Words: Next Big Things

November 6th

Who is it?Luke Sital-Singh

What's the story? An up-and-coming acoustic singer-songwriter from New Malden in London, Luke manages to avoid the common pitfalls associated with the genre: while there's the occasional hint of Mumford, it's the good aspects rather than the banjo-based annoyances. In truth he's much closer to the emotional punch of Damien Rice, and Nothing Stays The Same - released this week as part of the Tornados EP - is a winner of a tune.

For fans of: Damien Rice, Ben Howard, Ray LaMontagne

In Three Words: Majestic, Melodic (and) Moving

November 5th

Who is it?The 1975, remixed by The Knocks

What's the story? Manchester-based guitar band The 1975 quietly built up a following through blogs and gigs before surprising many by hitting No. 1 in September with their self-titled debut album. They've stated that they wanted to make music for John Hughes movies and it's certainly 80s influenced, with grooves being very much their thing. Appropriately enough, new York duo The Knocks know a thing or two about grooves too - and this remix, unleashed yesterday and appearing on the Girls EP release (out on Monday) - takes an already funky track and plants it squarely onto the electro dancefloor. Irresistable.

For Fans Of: Chromeo, Tensnake, Madeon

In Three Words: Fresh Funky Fun

November 4th

Who is it?Night Terrors of 1927

What’s the story? They're a mysterious LA-based duo who emerged at the tail-end of last year. Their first full release, the Guilty Pleas EP comes out next week (November 11) and this is our favourite track, combining a strong melody, some nicely dark production and some arena-ready backing 'ohs'.

For fans of: Hurts, St Lucia and, dare we say it, Coldplay

In Three Words: Dark, epic pop