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The ShortListen: Kids of the Apocalypse (no. 355)

Excellent Gorillaz-style dark mashup track

The ShortListen: Kids of the Apocalypse (no. 355)
26 July 2016

Who? Kids of the Apocalypse

What’s the story? The Sound of Arrows were a hotly-tipped pop act that never quite got going, but there was no doubt that there was talent within that particular act. Now, one half of them, Stefan Storm, has returned to his other project, Kids of the Apocalypse, who first attracted interest back in 2013. It sees him pair, Gorillaz-like, with animator Ernest Desumbila to produce this extraordinary video for new song Better Life. According to Storm, "The world of Kids Of The Apocalypse and this video is set in an alternative universe, not exactly alike but not entirely dissimilar. It definitely mirrors the world in which we're living today and where it's headed. It takes place in a world where capitalism has run wild and a big corporation and its leaders are the all-powerful dictator. A generation of Kids, born into oppression form a secret alliance to take on the powers by spreading the word down in the darkest parts of the deep Web." It's suitably spellbinding, and the trippy, almost hymnal music is good enough to match the visuals - nicely done all round.

For fans of: Gorillaz, M83

In three words: Electro animation experience

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