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The ShortListen: Caveman (no. 369)

Shimmering sunny indie from New York band

The ShortListen: Caveman (no. 369)
18 August 2016

Who? Caveman

What’s the story? There's a special type of respect that bands get when they've stuck at things for a while and done it the hard way. Not for everyone does success come instantly - nor does everyone want that - but those bands that stick at it, working on the music and building a fanbase are the ones that last, and often suddenly wake up one day to find they've got a huge audience who'll back them until the end. Perhaps New York five-piece Caveman will be one of those acts, with their third album Otero War released tomorrow, building on the success of their two critically-acclaimed previous releases. On My Own is a fine example of the quality of tracks on the record, with an insistent groove, lovely guitar flourishes, keyboard blasts and Matthew Iwanusa's effortless, melodic vocals ringing out. A breezy, made-for-the-car-stereo slice of summery indie goodness, what's not to like?

For fans of: War On Drugs, Bruce Springsteen

In three words: Shimmering summer indie

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