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The scariest bathroom in the world

Bates Motel step aside

The scariest bathroom in the world

Anyone who's watched at least three horror films will be aware that a bathroom is not a safe place to be. Behind every medicine cabinet or shower curtain or toilet seat, there's usually some sort of evil waiting to attack.

But despite these slightly irrational concerns, architecture firm Hernandez Silva Arquitectos have created the most nightmarish bathroom imaginable.

After plans for a second elevator in a Mexican apartment building were scrapped, they were left with an empty shaft. Instead of hiding it away and allowing some sort of subterranean creatures to populate and feast on the humans that reside in the building (yeah, we need to start watching more comedies), they sat a "powder room" right on the top.

So, as you can see in the vertigo-inducing images, you'll be able to brush your teeth while standing above 15 floors of nothingness. Although since you're living in the penthouse, you can probably just fill it with money. So there is that.