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The robot prison guard

Jailhouse robot

The robot prison guard

In the long list of jobs we wouldn't trust robots with, guarding dangerous criminals would be near the top of the list. Right after babysitting.

But yet again, those robo-hungry scientists are blissfully avoiding common sense and have created the world's first robot prison guard.

South Korean electronics manufacturer SMEC have worked with the Asian Forum of Corrections to build a robot which boasts 3D-depth cameras, wireless communication and, frankly terrifying, software that can recognize human behaviour patterns and emotional states.

It patrols the corridors and analyses any unusual occurrences for the flesh and blood officers to come and deal with. Guards can control the robot through an iPad and communicate with prisoners via two-way cameras.

Disturbingly, they're hoping to make serious labour cuts by employing these robots instead. Although with each one costing $879,000 (£546,134), we're hoping that it's still a long way off...