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The real Weekend At Bernie's

What's a bit of fraud between friends?

The real Weekend At Bernie's
15 September 2011

If you've not had someone die in your company before, then chances are you're not completely sure of how you'd handle the situation.

But if you've seen Weekend At Bernie's, the majority of you can probably categorically state that the aftermath would be completely different.

If your name is Robert Jeffrey Young or Mark Rubinson, you'll have probably viewed the 80s comedy as a how-to manual for dealing with a dead body. Their friend Jeffrey Jarrett died of unknown causes and rather than doing anything about it, they decided to drive around with his corpse in the car.

They took him to a local bar and left him in the backseat while they drank on his tab. Then it was time for burritos and finally, their dead friend treated them to a night at a strip club.

The men have been charged with abusing a corpse, identity theft,criminal impersonation and shamelessly pilfering from an 80s classic.

(Image: All Star)