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The new 'Game of Thrones' trailer is set to British indie anthem 'Sit Down', for some reason

This shouldn't work, but it kind of does?

The new 'Game of Thrones' trailer is set to British indie anthem 'Sit Down', for some reason

Right, so first things first, there’s a new Game of Thrones trailer out, which is exciting. As with most Game of Thrones trailers, it tells us almost nothing about the new season, but also, we don’t really care, because it looks cool and just the reminder that the show’s only a few months from returning is enough.

It focuses on three characters – Jon Snow, Daenerys and Cersei – all making the long walk down dimly-lit corridors to sit on their respective thrones. We then see each of them stare meaningfully into the camera before Cersei, atop the Iron Throne, takes a frosty breath to show that, yes, winter is definitely here.

We then zoom out through the chillingly blue eye of the Night’s King to a reminder that we’re pretty much exactly three and half months away from Sunday nights having meaning again (or Monday evenings, if you don’t fancy staying up til 3am and can bear to spend the workday dodging spoilers).

This all seems pretty standard fare for a Game of Thrones teaser, except for one little thing – and it’s something only Brits will really notice. While to most people the trailer’s backing track will just seem like a tune with appropriate lyrics, we here recognise it as ‘Sit Down’ by James, the 1989 Madchester banger which reached number two in the UK singles charts.

Here, listen:

Weird, isn’t it? Doesn’t seem like a song that should go with Game of Thrones, does it? But yet somehow it works, and a lot of people are loving it, especially the band themselves.

We’re now going to be hella disappointed if the Happy Mondays aren’t serenading Jon Snow in Winterfell and Oasis don’t follow Tyrion around all season playing ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ tbh.