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The Microsoft Tweet Choir

As "interesting" as it sounds

The Microsoft Tweet Choir
10 January 2012

Presentations can be tough to endure. The horrendous use of buzz phrases, business speak and meaningless jargon; the badly delivered power point demonstrations and the insincere chumminess from someone you know would stab you in back at the first opportunity.

Picturing that? Good. Because nothing can possibly compare to the keynote speech Microsoft delivered at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

After a tête-à-tête between American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, a gospel choir walked onstage. Would they sing some uplifting ode to the power of technology perhaps? No. They incanted a three-minute recital of recent tweets that mentioned Microsoft products.

We kid you not. Watch. If you dare.

(Image: YouTube)