The Lyrical Themes of Morrissey Poster


People usually fall into two camps when faced with the music of Morrissey and The Smiths. Those who think it's depressing, and those who actually understand it.

Brian Keda falls squarely into the latter category. A dedicated Morrissey fan, the designer has explored the full range of the artist's work in an effort to map the major themes, moods and topics covered by the introspective songster.

From 'Unfulfillment' (Nowhere Fast, What She Said, Earth is the Loneliest Planet) to 'Anger' (Sing Your Life, The National Front Disco, You Just Haven't Earned It Yet Baby), via 'Love', 'Death', 'Innocence' and more, they certainly cover a greater spectrum of human experience than the average One Direction album.

An intriguing exploration of the great man's work, you can see more of Keda's designs on his website - click on the image to see a bigger version.

(Images: Brian Keda; Rex)