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The London Stereotypes Map

The London Stereotypes Map

The London Stereotypes Map
07 August 2015

The UK loves nothing more than a stereotype. The flat cap and whippet-loving Yorkshireman, the cheeky Scouser, the bumbling Bristolian. We could go on but we'd probably offend more people.

But it seems that stereotypes are not just confined to the areas of Britain - even within cities such as London there're entrenched perceptions of what type of people live in which areas.

YouGov surveyed 1,294 people in London last year to find out the words that sprung to mind when asked about people from North, South, East and West London and, brilliantly, most of the capital has been summed up as 'rough'.

The most common words for both East London were 'rough', 'poor' and 'dirty', the South got 'rough', 'suburban' and 'dirty', while the North acquired 'cosmpolitan', 'suburban' and 'rough'. Naturally, the West was given 'posh', 'cosmopolitan' and 'pretentious'. It's hard to believe that East London escaped the 'hipster' tag, but maybe people were too worried about getting mugged to think about it carefully.

Take a look at the map and the charts of descriptive words below and see if you think it's fair.