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The High-Rise 360 interview

Sienna Miller, Luke Evans & Ben Wheatley discuss their new movie in surround

The High-Rise 360 interview

They say every dog has its day.

Unfortunately for the poor mutt being spit roasted in the opening scene of High-Rise, Ben Wheatley’s loftily ambitious and equally bonkers adaptation of JG Ballard’s classic - which sees all-out class war breaks out within the pillars of a brutalist block of flats - just not this one.

Carnal debauchery, spontaneous bloodlust, equine sports and, yes, alternative meals, it's every bit as bonkers as the book, bringing this 'unfilmable' dystopian nightmare to the big screen in some style.

Attempting to make some sense of it all, we invited the director and two of the stars, Sienna Miller and Luke Evans, to sit down with us in front of a 360 cameras and chat about who would fare best should that very scenario happen. So click away below.

Lights, camera, lots of fumbling around with the cursor.