The greatest political cartoons that sum up why Donald Trump is unfit for Presidency


Today, buffoonish business tycoon Donald Trump will be sworn into office as the President of the United States of America. Take a deep breathe because this is happening. He has the least political experience than any president before him and probably the most scandal to surround a president-elect before even being inaugurated.

But before you go packing up the rations and heading for the bunkers, why not put let some great political satirists help put the event into perspective. Here we’ve amassed the greatest Trump as President cartoons, because sometimes you’ve got to laugh. Right?

Dam Funk

Paul Noth, The New Yorker

Peter Brookes, The Times

Steve Bell, The Guardian

Dave Brown, The Independent

Paul Noth, The New Yorker

Patrick Chappatte, New York Times

Micheal de Adder

Matt, The Daily Telegraph

Arcadio, Costa Rica

Hajo, Holland

David Rowe, Australian National Review

Hajjaj, Jordan