The Graffiti Cocktail Shaker


The ways in which we resemble Bruce Wayne are manifold. We’re both, of course, dashing millionaires with an eye for the ladies, while civic duty is the lubricant that eases our path through daily life.

However, it’s our remarkably similar duplicitous lives that concern us most. You see, much like old Brucie boy has his Wayne/Batman dichotomy; we’re torn between the life of a high rolling raconteur who frequents cocktails parties and that of a nomadic street artist keeping it real with a graffiti can.

So, imagine our audible gasps of delight when we stumbled upon this paint can that is actually a cocktail shaker. Finally, our two personalities can be joined in one cohesive whole. Hurrah.

Designed by William Kellogg, the stainless steel shaker can hold up to 14 ounces of prime alcoholic delight. Head here for more details.


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