The floating hotel


When the words 'floating' and 'hotel' combine, the word 'cruise' also springs to mind and with it, thoughts of bad singing, elderly people and improperly refrigerated shellfish begin to surface.

Hoping to put an end to this, Aqua Expeditions have launched a five-star equivalent offering all the luxury you'd expect on land but without all of garishness found on cruise ships.

The Aria was custom built by architect Jordi Puig to accommodate a bearable 32 guests in 16 luxury suites. The ship includes a fine dining room, an outdoor Jacuzzi, an air-conditioned indoor bar, an exercise room and a souvenir shop. Each cabin boasts large panoramic windows so you can make the most of your surroundings.

The ship operates on the northern Amazon river in Peru and if you're interested in booking click here.

Please bring us with you. That is all.


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