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The Five Minute Office Workout

The Five Minute Office Workout

The Five Minute Office Workout
13 March 2015

There is no greater enemy to staying healthy than the desks that most of us are chained to for eight hours a day.

By the time you've clocked off, your sedentary position has sapped your energy; not to mention all those snacks that you've been using to break up the boredom.

But a desk-based job need not be the end to all exercise. This excellent infographic, put together by Lloyds Pharmacy and NeoMam Studios details seven easy workouts, which can all be completed within a minute: put them together and you have a simple, but highly effective five-minute workout to follow - granted, you might get a few funny looks from doing some of them in the middle of the office, but then nothing ever came easy.

Take a look below and click on the image to display a larger version.

(Images: Lloyds Pharmacy/NeoMam Studios/Shutterstock)

[via Design Taxi]

The Five Minute Office Workout

(Images: Lloyds Pharmacy/NeoMam Studios/Shutterstock)

[via Design Taxi]