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The five 3DS games to buy

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The five 3DS games to buy

So, you’ve bought your 3DS. You’ve marvelled at the screen (“Wow, it really does work”). Taken a 3D photo (of your face, we hope). Now it’s time to play some games. But which ones? ShortList picks the five launch titles not to miss.

Super Street Fighter IV

Our top pick includes a 3D-validating over-the-shoulder view which is far more playable than you might expect. But the depth to the standard view is just as impressive. And there’s little more satisfying in gaming than taking down your Street Fighter opponent with a dazzling series of combos.

PES 2011

If you’ve got a dubious mate, this is the best game to show off the 3D capabilities of the system. At least in the default “Player” view, which is great for attacking, but makes defending tricky. You’ll revert to the more familiar pitchside camera to actually play the game. Which is as fine a football game as you’ll find on a handheld.

Lego Star Wars III

One of the effects of the 3D is that it makes it look like you’ve got tiny little models running around inside the screen. So, as you can imagine, the system suits a Lego game perfectly. Afraid it’s too kiddie? Dismiss those thoughts – Lego games are some of the most playable currently available.

Pilotwings Resort

Set around the island first seen in Wii Sports Resort, you fly planes, jet packs and gliders pulling off stunts and collecting items. There are missions too, which take no time to blast through, but a lot longer to perfect. It could do with more interesting rewards for collecting things, but you’ll soon find you’ve run the entire battery down trying to find the final gold ring to fly through.

Ridge Racer

The return of a classic. Whereas 3D is just a pretty addition to many games, when you’re taking to the open road (or in Ridge Racer’s case, the tightly scripted race course) the added depth helps you judge corners and overtaking is so much better. As a result there will be many racing games on the 3DS. But few will be better than this.