The chubbiest region of England has been revealed

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The 'fattest' and 'thinnest' parts of England have been revealed in a new set of data, and it's not great news for one particular part of the country. 

Recent figures from the Health and Social Care Information Centre reveal that out of every 100,000 hospital admissions in England, an average of 811 cases involved the doctor having to take note of the patient’s obesity.

However, that figure is dramatically higher in certain regions: it’s bad news for Bradford, Cornwall and the Wirral.

Coming in as the ‘fattest’ part of the country, doctors in the Wirral recorded a huge 2,894 admissions where a primary or secondary diagnosis of obesity was given – almost three times the national average. Cornwall comes in a close second with 2,108, and Bradford taking a most unwanted bronze with 1,907.

At the other end of the scale, the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames recorded 238 cases – less than 10 per cent of the Wirral’s figure.

"Seeing the Wirral in such a league table should bring home the enormity of the obesity epidemic,” says Tam Fry, spokesman for the National Obesity Forum.

The areas with the highest admissions per 100,000 people in the region were:

  • Wirral - 2,894
  • Cornwall - 2,108
  • Bradford - 1,907
  • Torbay - 1,897
  • Salford - 1,858
  • Luton - 1,770
  • Southampton - 1,755
  • Slough - 1,746
  • Plymouth - 1,708
  • Worcestershire - 1,636

The areas with the lowest rates per 100,000 were:

  • Richmond - 238
  • Kingston-upon-Thames - 252
  • Rutland - 274
  • Gloucestershire - 277
  • Kensington and Chelsea - 289
  • Wandsworth - 292
  • Bromley - 297
  • Hammersmith and Fulham - 317
  • City of London - 322
  • Southend - 325

Celery for lunch, anyone? 

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