The best Twitter reactions to Boris Johnson becoming Foreign Secretary

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Joe Ellison

Well, we had a good run avoiding World War Three while it lasted.

In one of her first official acts as new Prime Minister yesterday, Theresa May decided to appoint Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Britain's diplomat to the world. A position of utmost importance in maintaining peace in the western world and beyond.

The same man who once did this to a small Japanese child....

...And this to a German footballer in a charity match.

As though he were some Churchillian clone forged in a laboratory with union jack bunting for brains, straw for hair, you almost have to commend this cartoonish figure for rising from his expensive private education to become Mayor of London and now foreign secretary. A role which means he'll be tasked with hosting political leaders the world over, who he may or may not have offended  in the past.

But should we worry? According to the Internet, yes, yes we should.

He has previous all right

We may have another blond Bond

Well consider us startled

Boris's strategy was soon leaked

The news tickled US state department spokesman Mark Toner

Let's see that one more time

Even CHER felt it pertinent to weigh in on the topic

He doesn't duck the big issues

We were reminded of a poem Boris published when editing The Spectator, which would make William Wallace weep

The joke's on us

Wait a minute...

Was the appointment dumb luck?

His tough views on immigration were put into perspective

Or maybe we're not seeing the bigger picture

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